PRH-5 Hydraulic Set Retrievable Packer

The STAR PRH-5 Packer is a retrievable, hydraulic-set production packer that is set in casing to divert casing-to-tubing flow. It is set by pressuring up the tubing string against a plugging device below the packer. Bidirectional, case-carburized slips hold the packer against well pressures from above and below. Spring-loaded internal slips maintain the packer in the set position. The packer is a straight shear to release packer that is convertible to cut-to-release. The shear release value is adjustable.

The packer is made up into the tubing string and lowered to the desired setting depth. Circulating a ball or dart down to land in a catcher sub assembly or using a wireline plug allows the setting string to be pressurized from the surface to the plugging device below the packer. Pressure applied to the tubing string enters the piston housing/piston cavity through a port in the mandrel, forcing the lower element retainer upward, and shearing the setting shear screws. The elements compress, shearing the driv-lok pins in the bottom wedge and forcing the slips to ramp outward, biting into the casing. The internal slip seizes the stationary piston and locks the packer in the set position. The packer is now completely set and can be released by a straight pull on the tubing string or cutting the mandrel depending on how the packer was assembled.

If assembled as a cut-to-release packer it is recommended that a no-go or locating profile be provided near the bottom of the packer mandrel cut zone. This distance must be accurately measured prior to running the completion and maintained in the well files where it can be retrieved for future reference.

When assembled as a shear release packer, only an upward strain on the tubing is all that is required to release the HRC packer. Always consider the strain on the tubing while the packer is in service before setting. An upward strain can be caused by acidizing, treating, safety valve installation, etc. This should always be considered and compensated for by adding tubing weight to the packer or by adjusting the shear value of the shear screws.