PRH-4 Hydraulic Set Retrievable Packer

STAR PRH-4 packer is designed to be run with Electric Submersible Pumps. The packer is a hydraulic-set, straight pull shear release, upper single-string, double-bore retrievable packer.
The packer with several additional optional ports allows venting of annular pressure, fluid injection through the packer, and/or instrument wire port bypass. The vent valve is designed to be threaded to the top of the packer. The valve is hydraulically operated and allows for gas bypass around the packer. The packer comes with a plug for when the vent valve is not used.

Features and Benefits

Hydro-test capability of feed through connection
A pack-off power cable feed-through system is provided with thread connections
Additional bores for venting of annular pressure, chemical-injection lines, control lines, and well-monitoring devices through the packer
Slip design offers exceptional hang weight capability
Case carburized bi-directional slips anchor the packer against well pressure from above or below


Field redress is quick, easy, and cost effective
Efficiently reduce the overall costs of submersible pump completions
Performance is long-term and dependable
No relative movement between tubing and cable
Low pressure set
Requires only straight pull to release
Field adjusted the setting pressure and shear value
Allows adjustment of pull-to-release in the field

Technical Data

Casing Max.OD Internal Packing Bore Pressure Rating
Size Weight
in mm lb in mm in mm Psi MPa
7 177.8 23-26 6.10 154.94 2.360 59.94 3000-5000 20.7-35
26-29 5.99 152.15
29-32 5.94 150.88
9 5/8 244.5 36-40 8.59 218.19 2.918 74.12 3000-5000 20.7-35
40-47 8.50 215.90
47-53.5 8.26 209.80