PRH-1 Hydraulic Set Retrievable Packer

The Star PRH-1 Packer is a single-string, hydraulic-set retrievable packer designed for Single or multi-packer production completions. The packer is made up to the tubing string and run into the well. At the desired setting depth, pressure is applied down the tub¬ing string against a plugging device below the packer. When the full setting pressure is applied, the packer slips and elements should be fully engaged and held in the set position by internal spring loaded slips. The Packer design allows for no mandrel movement during the setting sequence.
The Packers can be run either in single packer or multiple packer completions. When used in multiple packer completions, the setting pressure can be adjusted to allow the packers to be set and tested individually.
To release the Packer, straight pull on the tubing is all that is required. Straight pull on the tubing shears a set of release pins which allows the packer mandrel to move upward moving the supports from beneath the slips. Further upward movement relaxes the elements and enables the packer to be retrieved.

Features and Benefits

Field proved reliable
High performance at low cost
Small OD
Hydraulically-set for safe, dependable operation in multiple packer applications
Triple-seal multi-durometer elements
Shear screws allow operator to vary the setting pressure and release force
No mandrel movement when setting
Requires only a straight pull to release
Multiple packers can be run and set in one trip
Standard 7.5ksi rate


Single or multi-packer production completions
Production and injection wells
The lower packer in dual completions
Act as a bridge plug with an on off tool
Multi-zone completions

Technical Data

Casing Size Casing Weight Max OD Min ID
In mm Ib/ft kg/m in mm in mm
5 1/2 139.70 13-17 19.35-25.30 4.690 119.13 2.36 58.41
17-23 25.30-34.22 4.52 114.68 2.36 58.41
7 177.80 23-29 34.22-43.16 5.99 152.15 2.89 73.41
29-35 43.16-52.09 5.83 148.06 2.89 73.41
7 5/8 193.68 29.7-39 44.20-58.04 6.46 164.08 2.89 73.41
9 5/8 244.48 40-47 59.53-69.94 8.45 212.85 3.89 98.81
47-53.5 69.94-79.62 8.23 209.12 3.89 98.81