On-off Tool

Star’s on-off tool enables the tubing string above packer be disconnected for lower zone isolation, tubing retrieval, and temporary zone abandonment. The tool’s stringer or seal receptacle contains an internal “SX or “SR” lock profile for landing the wire line blanking plug for zone isolation below the packer.
The tool consist of two major components: the Overshot mounted below tubing string and the stinger/receptacle mounted on the top of packer. The Overshot is disengaged by the Left or Right hand J-slot release. The mill bottom allows cuts through debris for easy engagement the stinger. Molded seals are installed in the overshot, enable easy redress on surface for the re-run.

Features and Benefits

Enables the packer used as bridge plug for lower zone isolation, or removal of upper string for redress, temporary abandonment or shut down lower zones, or kill the well.
Bonded seals enable reliable multiple disconnections without costly retrieval replacement
The rugged, dependable design enables easy “right or Left Hand” rotational retrieval without disturbing the packer.
Automatic ¼ turn set down and tension for jay engage or jar out.