PFS-1 Advanced Ball-Activated Frac Sleeve

The STAR PFS-1 Advanced Ball-Activated Frac Sleeve has all the proven features of the conventional Ball-Activated Frac Sleeve with the additional benefit of selective zone isolation. The Advanced Frac Sleeve is ran as part of the conventional Multi-Stage Frac system and after the sleeve is opened utilizing ball drop technology, the piston can then be drilled out and the sleeve can be closed/opened using the activation tool on coil.

Features and Benefits

Can be closed/opened with coil run activation tool
Field adjustable setting pressure
Designed for multiple zone applications
Internal locking mechanism

Technical Data

Max O.D. Min I.D. STD Connection
in mm in mm in mm
5.69 144.53 3 76.2 3 1/2 EUE 88.9
5.69 144.53 3.76 95.5 4 1/2 LTC 114.3
6.822 173.28 4 101.6 5 1/2 LTC 139.7