HPP Dual Element Open Hole Anchor /IPP Isolation Packer

The STAR HPP open hole packer is designed to be run in either cased or open hole applications in vertical or horizontal wells for multi-stage frac application. The Anchor Packer incorporates a one piece bi-directional slip system in order to help prevent movement during higher pressure operations whereby the Isolation Packer is a non-anchoring packer. The Anchor can be ran as a single zone application packer or ran in conjunction with several packers in a multiple zone completion. Typically, on multiple zone horizontal open hole applications the Anchor packer would be used as the toe packer and/or the liner hanger packer. Durable construction and reliability makes the Packer and the excellent alternatives to using inflatable packers.

Features and Benefits

Dual Element to Seal reliable
Outer components locked to prevent pre-set
Anchor packer incorporates a bi-directional slip system
Field adjustable setting pressure
Field adjustable shear release
Designed for cased hole or open hole
Available with carbide slips
Available in a wide range of materials and connections
Available with premium elastomers
Vertical/horizontal applications
Standard 10ksi rate
Field proved reliable

Technical Data

Max O.D. Min I.D. STD Connection
in mm in mm in mm
4.282 108.76 2.38 60.30 2 7/8 EUE 73.0
5.690 144.53 3.00 76.20 3 1/2 EUE 88.9
5.690 144.53 3.85 97.79 4 1/2 LTC 114.3
6.822 173.28 4.85 123.19 5 1/2 LTC 139.7