Test Tools

STAR selective test tools are used to test tubing, locate leaks, or set hydraulic-set packers. Designed to hold pressure from above, selective test tools may be set in compatible STAR X, XN, R, or RN landing nipples in the tubing string. With the keys retracted, the tool is run to a point below the desired nipple. Pulling up through the nipple releases the locking keys to set the tool with downward motion. Pressure from above may then be applied.


Designed for high working pressure
Located in the lowest nipples first, these tools are then moved up the tubing and set in sequential nipples until a leak is not detected, thus reducing wireline trips

Non-Selective Test Tools

STAR non-selective test tools are designed to test the tubing string, set hydraulic packers, and protect lower zones when circulating through a Sliding Side-Door® circulating device or producing a zone above the lowermost zone. Designed to hold pressure from above only by employing the use of a drop valve equalizing assembly, the non-selective test tools land in no-go landing nipples with compatible packing bores. When landed in the landing nipple, pressure from above is sealed by the drop, seal ring, and v-packing. In order to retrieve by wireline, the drop is moved off seat with a pulling tool. This equalizes the pressure across the test tool, allowing it to be retrieved.


Ease of running, setting, and retrieving
No-go OD on bottom of tool for positive location in landing nipple
May be pumped into the well
Designed for high-pressure ratings

Selective Test Tool Technical Data

2″ 2 1/2″ 3″
NUT O.D (FISHNECK) 1.375″ 1.375″ 1.750″
OVERALL LENGTH 22.406″ 24.219″ 25.984″
KEYS EXPANDED 2.194″ 2.620″ 3.19″
O.D. 1.870″ 2.305″ 2.740″
ROLL PIN 1/8″ X 1 /16″ 1/8″ X 1 3/16″ 1/8″ X 2″