Gas Lift Products

Gas Lift Mandrel (GLM), which made up as part of the tubing string when preparing a well for gas lift production, chemical injection, waterflood or other special applications. Facilitates the operation of running tools, pulling tools and kickover tools that are used to install and retrieve the flow control devices.

Features and Benefits

Field proved reliable
Heat treated for two different types of service, sweet, and H2S service
Accept standard 1” top and bottom latch equipment
Designed with a round cross section and are available in a variety of tubing sizes and thread types

Gas lift valve (GLV) is slickline retrievable, designed to be installed in series side pocket mandrel, production pressure operated and be used in continuous flow gas lift installations. The valve is used to enhance production by injecting high-pressure gas from the casing/tubing annulus into the production fluid.

Dummy Valve (DV) is slickline retrievable, and designed to be installed in series side pocket mandrel. The Dummy Valve is available for standard or high-temperature service to suit individual well conditions. Multi-purpose tool used to blank off the mandrel pocket to allow production by natural flow before installing gas lift valves, blank off the side pocket mandrel to allow pressure to be applied to the tubing to set a hydraulic-set packer and isolate tubing flow from annular flow for test purposes during multi-point waterflood or gas injection.